Saturday, 18 July 2009

Poti, Georgia

Today as STOUT remained at anchor off the port of Poti, Georgia. We continued Damage Control and Security Training with the Georgian Coast Guard. The training afforded yet another opportunity to interact with the Georgians.

At anchor our routine day is a cross between underway and in-port. We benefit from time to concentrate on shipboard work, but we remain in duty section status like we would in port.

In the evening we held a steel beach picnic on the flight deck. For those of you unfamiliar with the term "steel beach" here is a little back ground. Because we have no sand onboard the ship we use the steel of the flight deck as our beach and do our best to replicate a beach setting. Tonight, the ship’s barbeque grill was rolled out of storage and the speakers were set up to play music on the flight deck. Crew members enjoyed hamburgers, sausages and chicken, along with some time to relax in the setting sun and chat with their shipmates. Thanks goes out to the Second Class Petty Officers and S-2 Division for setting up, cooking, cleaning, and making this Steel Beach Picnic possible.