Sunday, 13 February 2011

Small Boats

Hello again.  Continuing with our NATO exercise.  With great weather, we had the opportunity to put our small boats in the water a couple different times.  One time was to practice our Maritime Interception Operations (MIO) procedures.  We have a group of our Sailors who are highly trained in MIO, ready to board merchant ships to conduct inspections in support of UN sanctions, to provide assistance to the crew of the vessel, or to help deter modern day pirates.  This team got some good training, boarding an Italian Navy auxiliary to practice their skills.  Enjoy the pictures below, thanks for your support. 

                                           Boat Crew Stands Ready
                                             Manning the crew served weapons
                                           Watching for Problems
                                            MIO team ready to go
                                           Preboarding Excitement
                                          They even let me drive the small boat sometimes...