Monday, 24 August 2009

PORTER Join-up

24 August, 2009 - While transiting the Mediterranean Sea, we were greeted by the sight of another US Navy ship just beginning her mission overseas. USS PORTER (DDG 78) came alongside for a few minutes today, just to say hello. I talked with their CO, a good friend of mine, on the VHF radio for a few minutes and many of the crew were topside. PORTER is also a Norfolk ship so there are many friends between the crews. A little while later we transferred a few parts between ships using a small boat and then we were on our way. Before parting ways PORTER's CO and I agreed to have a beer when we we were both back home. I believe he preferrs porter, but I am partial to stout. I think we can agree to disagree on that point.

The US Navy is tasked with maintaining a continuous vigilant watch at sea, to ensure the maritime security of various regions around the globe. It is a good feeling to see another US Vessel out here. It is nice to see the familiar faces of fellow Sailors committed to the same goals of serving our country and maintaining safety and security on the high seas. It reminds us that as we head for home at the end of our deployment our shipmates continue to stand the watch.