Tuesday, 4 August 2009


1 August, 2009 - I send out congratulations to the Executive Officer. This morning he was promoted to the rank of Commander. The promotion to Commander is a great milestone for a Naval Officer. When an Officer is promoted from Lieutenant Commander to Commander, they join the ranks of senior Officers. Lieutenant Commander and junior ranks are considered junior Officers in the Navy.

After reciting the oath of office, XO continued a Navy tradition of passing down his old LCDR collar devices to deserving Officers who are yet to be promoted to LCDR.

I will leave you today with the Officer's Oath of Office as recited by CDR Stone.

I Chris Stone do solemnly reaffirm
that I will support and defend
the Constitution of the United States of America
against all enemies,
foreign and domestic
that I will continue to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution
and the Country whose course it directs,
and that I take this obligation freely,
without any mental reservation.
So help me God.

Great job Commander Stone!