Thursday, 27 August 2009


27 August, 2009 -
Underway Replenishments, UNREPs, are the life blood of US Navy ships at sea. Fuel and stores sustain us and keep us going for a few thousand more miles. The supplies we received today will be enough to take us across the Atlantic Ocean.

The crew performed very well, executing two tasks at once. At one station, part of the UNREP detail took on the fuel, while amidships, another part of the detail, supplemented by members of supply, took on and accounted for the food to be served and the snacks to be sold at the ship’s store. Taking on provisions is an “all hands” evolution, involving all members of the crew not engaged in watchstanding or another part of the detail to strike everything down into storage.

The crew was happy to get the fresh fruits and vegetables, but the snacks were most welcomed, as evident by the line of people waiting outside the ship’s store to get at the new arrivals. I leave you today with some great pictures of STOUT in action.