Wednesday, 16 June 2010

SEN Reed Visit

 11 June, 2010.   It's been a few weeks since I posted an article on the Blog.  STOUT has been moving from one event to the next as we make our way through several training events and maintenance periods.  The crew continues to do great things and I will highlight several of their accomplishments over the coming weeks.

Today we had the opportuinty to provide a tour to Senator Jack Reed, Rhode Island.
Senator Reed's visit to STOUT was part of a larger tour of several surface ships on the Norfolk waterfront.  He is taking over as the Chairman of the Sea Power Subcommittee on the Senate Armed Services Committee and came to Norfolk to see how things are going on the waterfront.  The crew worked hard to prepare for the tour and did a great job presenting the ship.  We were able to highlight all of the capabilities of STOUT and to provide a demonstration on Ballistic Missile Defense.  Below is a picture of Senator Reed in Combat Information Center.

It was a pleasure to host Sen Reed and several of his staff.  We wish him well as he continues his work in the Senate.