Thursday, 22 July 2010

Admiral Stout's Birthday

16 June, 2010 - It was a special treat to welcome aboard two of Admiral Stout’s sons, Hal and Pete Stout, and their some of their family members. 15 June is Admiral Stout’s birthday and we held a belated birthday party for him today. Born on 15 June 1903, in Dover Ohio, he would have been 107 years old. We had cake and ice cream on the mess decks to celebrate. Hal also volunteered to speak to the crew about Admiral Stout and some of his adventures.

Hal Addressing the crew

Hal and Pete Cutting the cake
Hal told us about the values Admiral Stout tried to live up to every day; Honesty, Compassion and Curiosity. It was great to hear first hand stories about the ship’s namesake, especially from someone like Hal. After cutting the cake on the mess decks both Pete and Hal, as well as their spouses, were able to talk with the crew and answer questions. At one point I asked them both how often they saw their father during World War II. In total Admiral Stout was home for about two weeks during the entire war. It is hard to imagine that kind of commitment, but that is what countless WWII veterans did to win the war. It made me very grateful for the sacrifices of those who endured those times.

Interacting with the Crew (note Admiral Stout's portrait in the background)
The visit helped the crew see Rear Admiral Stout in the eyes of his family instead of just through the inspiring stories portraied in the history books. We hope to have the Stout brothers back again soon; it was a delight having them onboard.