Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Special Visit

Tim Allen - Last week we had the opportunity to give a tour to Mr. Tim Allen and several of his family members.  It was a great opportunity to talk about STOUT and also for the crew to meet Mr. Allen.

Tim Allen on the Bridge explaining how to get a few extra knots out of the main engines
There were several opportunities for autographs and to ask questions.  We wera able to tour the foc'sle, including the five inch gun and the VLS Launcher, the AEGIS Radar platform, the bridge, the wardroom, one of the main engine rooms, the mess decks, contral control station, the flight deck and the quarterdeck.  During the tour Mr. Allen was very engaged and had several suggestions on how we could tweak our systems to improve performance. 

Tim Allen taping an interview for AFN

Little more than an hour after he arrived it was time to wrap up the tour and get back to the dialy routine.   Several members of the crew were able to get a souvineer picture, ask a few questions or discuss one of the sceens in their favorite Tim Allen movie. 
Tim Allen with Petty Officer Spivey