Saturday, 14 August 2010

Family Day Cruise

12 August, 2010 - Frinds and Family Day Cruise.  We had a few extra passengers aboard today as we sailed off the coast of Virginia for a few hours.  About 230 frineds and family members were able to join us as we transited out to sea over the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and the Chesepeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and through Thimble Shoals Channel. 
     The Executive Officer provided a guided tour on the outbound transit and a short history lesson on Admiral Stout as we made the return transit.  The Gunners demonstrated the 5 inch gun and some small arms in a live firing demonstration and the Engineers showed off the main engines in a fast speed run. We had one rain shower that pushed the flight deck picnic inside.  Once we cleared the rain clouds the rest of the day was clear sailing.

     Master Chief arranged for a mini-Surface Warfare qualification for the children and we handed our certificates for all those who completed the requirements.  Thanks to all those who were able to spend the day with us.

Tug Boats returning us to the pier