Thursday, 5 August 2010

Surface Forces Atlantic Visit

5 August 2010 - STOUT had the pleasure of hosting RADM Thomas today for a short tour. RADM Thomas is the Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Atlantic. He is responsible for the readiness of all East Coast ships, including STOUT. While aboard he met with the Officers in the Wardroom for a short discussion and Chiefs in the Chief Petty Officer's Mess. He also talked with several Sailors during a tour of the ship and addressed the entire crew on the 1MC (The 1MC is the general announcing system for those not familiar with Navy lingo).

Admiral with Petty Officer Kniess
RADM Thomas inspecting VLS

It was a great opportunity to get information on current issues from our chain of command as well as provide direct feedback. The Admiral had great messages on setting standards, leadership and how we can assist him in solving problems. RADM Thomas was the former CO of USS ROSS, a sister ship to STOUT. He really understands things from a shipboard perspective. The advice and guidance he provided today was on the mark and well received by everyone.

Admiral addressing the CPO Mess